Free Bulk WEBP To PNG Image Converter !

PNG images are the type of images that are used on websites to display high-quality images.On the other hand, WEBP pictures are made by Google Planner as a substitution for different kinds of pictures like PNG and JPG.

Difference between WEBP and PNG

PNG images are used to maintain the quality of your images. And WEBP images are used in websites because their loading times are faster than other forms. On some platforms, you now prefer quality over loading time.So here, OTS provides you with a WEBP to PNG converter. where the image quality can be easily maintained.

Benefits of OTS WEBP to PNG converter tool

Here we provide a proper platform on which you can easily convert WEBP images into PNG images. The advantage of using converters on OTS is that they are completely free to use. There are a lot of converters, but they provide very little service for free. After some conversions, they are totally paid. But at OTS, you can convert your images as much as you want, and they are totally free.

How to convert WEBP to PNG in 3 steps

The conversion of images at the online tool site is very easy. So don’t worry if you are not understanding the interface. Here are some steps that will help you convert images into WEBP or PNG format.

  • First click on "choose image" button to choose those webp images who need to be convert into PNG form. without choose image, you cannot click on convert button.
  • Then after choosing images, click on convert button which help you to convert image into PNG form.
  • Then depending upon your internet speed, OTS will convert your images and download link button are genrated.You can download all images in a zip file by clicking "Download All" Button and also one by one on clicking "Download" button.

Easy to use

As you go through the steps for using the WEBP to PNG converter, you will notice that it is very simple to use. All functionalities automatically come to your attention after a previous action.

Maintain quality of images

The most important question that arises about any picture converter is whether it is a good idea to have it keep up with the quality of the image.So, at OTS, our priority is to keep up with the quality of pictures.

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