Drawing Board

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  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Triangle
  • Brush
  • Eraser

Drawing Board

Image drawer is best tool for kids. Most of the kid’s wand to release their innovating thoughts through paintings. So online tool site design image drawer which provide you a drawing platform on mobile phones through web application. There are some basic drawing tools which you can use in free time and your kids also use them for play.

What features are available:

There are some basic features which are available on drawing tool at online tool site. You can use basic pencil and eraser to draw or write anything. Then different colors are also available to change color of pencil. Also, some basic shapes are available like circle, square, triangle etc. So, in short word there is a good platform provided by online tool site for you free work or for your kids playing purpose.

1. Easy to use

All tools which are available on online tool site are easy to use. There is a small and easy platform for all the tools and for image drawer. After any click you will remain on online tool side. All the pages are fully mentioned. Simple user interface will help you to easily use all functionalities. Drawing is also very easy on it. All mentioned functionalities will help you to do work more properly.

2. Download image after completing drawing

Now the last and most attractive step is to download you drawing. You can easily download you image by clicking on download button. If you make a good drawing or you are doing some important work by using drawing tool, then online tool site will provide you a download button which help you to save you work.

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